Enrolling for Fall 2020

enrollment-form-2020-2021Download Here is our newest information regarding enrollment. As of today, (May 27, 2020) we are planning to open in the Fall. We are adjusting policies and procedures in accordance with all local, state and federal health agencies. Please know that we value our students' safety, as well as mental and emotional well-being above all … Continue reading Enrolling for Fall 2020

Meet Ms. Fernanda

We appreciate you, Ms. Fernanda! Fernanda came to Green Pastures Preschool four years ago. She came here to fill a position previously held by two of the very best in our business. Only Fernanda could have been the one to step in and complete our team. Not only is she an awesome teacher, but her … Continue reading Meet Ms. Fernanda

Meet Ms. Joy

We appreciate you, Miss Joy! Teacher appreciation week gives me a chance to showcase one of our incredible teachers. Ms. Joy is the guiding force behind Green Pastures Preschool. This was her sixth year as a teacher at Green Pastures, but she has always been a teacher at heart. She has worked with young kids … Continue reading Meet Ms. Joy