Today my 10 year old decided he wanted to bake a cake for his creative learning time.  While we don't really need cake in our house, it was important to say yes to cake baking.   One of my favorite go to cakes is the Simple Butter Cake from Susie Quick, Quick Simple Food.  We usually … Continue reading #TuesdayTips


I like the materials and resources I find at Big Life Journal. Check out this fun printable that you can color and hang in your window. Older kids can help the younger ones piece it together as shown on her website. We RISE Printable by Big Life Journal


Ms. Joy shared an awesome resource (from Lawrence Public Library, Douglas County Land Trust and The Douglas County Community Foundation) highlighting some outside activities that are Family Friendly. We are fortunate to live in an area with so many natural playgrounds for us to explore. What are some of your favorites? klt_natdougcoactivitysheet_summer2020Download