Social-Emotional Growth – Part 3

Building self-confidence can be as easy as changing the way your praise your child. Instead of saying “Good job!” be as specific as you can. Try saying, “I like that you really stuck with that until it was finshed.”

I also love when I overhear parents giving praise, especially if the act wasn’t a success. For example, “You almost got it!” or “I like how you tried hard to zip your jacket by yourself.” Your words are teaching them that it is okay to not master something on the first try and that you want them to keep trying.

So many of our new preschoolers come to us not wanting to do an activity if they can’t do it perfectly. This is very developmentally appropriate, but we remember our goal is ready our kids for school. We want them to have the courage to begin and learn from a mistake or two. Start building that confidence intrinsically and watch them tackle harder and harder situations with confidence.

Social-Emotional Growth – Part 2

This piece is so powerful!

Whenever you can and have time, offer kids a choice (2 is usually best). This helps give them a sense of control over their environment and it makes those times when they don’t have a choice a little bit easier.

This also helps them become used to making decisions for themselves. When in the classroom or playing with a friend, they need to be able to make a choice and keep going! It is also good for them to stick to that choice until there is a natural time for them to make a new choice. Follow through is a great lesson to learn.

#FamilyFriday – Social and Emotional Health Series

Taking Turns (Special Series on Social Emotional Growth) – Part 1

There is a lot of talk and concern right now about our kids’ social and emotional health. I wanted to point out that many of you are already building these skills in your preschoolers. Without adding anything to your “to do” list, I want to explore with you in this 10 part series (from Tiny-K) about how what you are already doing as parents can help kids continue to grow socially and emotionally until we can all get back together again.

The first skill is all about taking turns. I can hear our teachers in my mind saying to our students, “First it’s my turn and now it’s your turn.” We use this language a lot when teaching. We want them to wait and listen to how to make the letter (for example) before they try on their own.

Taking turn talking in conversation is also very important! I’m still working on this with my “big kids”. Taking turn leads to listening while others are talking. This takes lots of practice.

I’ve seen so many of our parents modeling this behavior!

Like mentioned before, you do not have to sit down with the goal of teaching taking turns to your child. It is something that you can incorporate into whatever you already doing. Take turns turning the pages of your favorite story at bedtime. Take turns stacking blocks. As you move through your day, being intentional about using the taking turns language, it will soon become a habit that will pay off big for your kiddos.

Parent Handbook – 2020-2021

There have been many changes made to our current policies and procedures. Check out what we are doing to keep our students, teachers and families safe.

Download the full version in with the link above.

DROP-OFF – Revised July 2020

In an effort to social distance and keep everyone safe, we will be instituting the following guidelines until further notice.  One family at a time will be allowed in the building for drop off at the main (double doors) starting at 8:50 am.   Adults will be required to wear a mask. 

Once inside students and adults will be asked to use hand sanitizer, as supplies permit. In the entryway, a teacher will take the student’s temperature and ask you a series of health questions each day before signing your child in for the day. This may take some time, so please allow an extra five to 10 minutes for your drop off routine. Once screened, students will be escorted downstairs by a teacher. Please say your goodbyes at the top of the stairs. 

Once your child is signed in, please exit through the single door closest to the office.  This will prevent face to face run-in with the next family that comes inside, and keep all drop off traffic moving in one direction. 


In the parking lot, please keep in mind to watch for children at all times. Please avoid gathering around either door to visit or chat with fellow parents. Adults should model mask wearing at pick up time as well.

A teacher will be upstairs to unlock the main doors starting at 11:20 am.  One family at a time is allowed inside to pick up your student. Please exit through the single door closest to the office. Once again this will keep all pickup traffic moving in one direction.

Unavoidable delays sometimes can’t be helped, but please try to be punctual. If lateness becomes a consistent behavior, arrival after 11:40 will cause parents to be charged a late fee in the amount of $1.00 per minute.  Payment of late fees is due by the following day.  Exceptions must be prearranged.


Regular attendance in class helps the school year go more smoothly.  Please call the school or let us know when your child will be absent.  We do appreciate knowing when you plan to miss school or if your child is sick.  

ILLNESS – Exclusions from being allowed to attend

Children should be kept home for: 

  • a fever of greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath/trouble breathing
  • loss of sense of smell
  • other signs of illness (headache, fatigue, vomiting or diarrhea, etc)

Other causes for exclusion: 

  • If you have traveled to a “hot spot” or have come into contact with a positive Covid – 19 case, child must remain home from school for 14 days from exposure
  • Child must be fever free (without medication) for 72 hours or three days
  • Anyone sick with vomiting or diarrhea should be symptom free for 48 hours
  • Any other illness will be allowed back to class following advice of pediatrician

You can help us reduce illnesses by teaching your child how to blow his/her own nose as well as good handwashing technique. Practice wearing a mask if age appropriate. 

If your child, or anyone in your household, becomes ill with a communicable disease, please notify the preschool so parents of exposed children can be alerted.  This includes COVID-19.  


You will be notified if we have to close due to any positive cases of Covid-19 within the school.  Please note the following may also be cause for closure:

  • Not enough teachers, subs due to Covid -19 illness or exposure
  • Community closure of non-essential businesses
  • Day needed for additional cleaning if others who use the building have tested positive

In case of inclement weather, we will follow the Lawrence Public Schools USD 497 closures.  In any other case, you will be notified by email or phone.

We will do our best to minimize the amount of time the school must be closed, if the event of inclement weather or illness.  All parents/families will be asked to pay the full amount of tuition. Our teachers will supplement with at home zoom meetings, teaching and activities delivered to your door.

***After the fourth week of closure, the amount of tuition will be prorated to 75% of the normal amount for any additional instruction time lost.  After a sixth week of closure, 50 percent of the agreed upon tuition rate will be required for any lost time in the classroom.***

All information is subject to change with very little notice.  Please contact your director for more information as the situation changes.  All procedures and regulations will be updated regularly and can be found online or be sent by email if you have any questions. 


We encourage each child to take care of his/her own needs and personal belongings.  We expect each one to remove their own coats/jackets and hang them up; use the bathroom unaided (This is required by the health dept.  We are not allowed to help wipe); use and return their own supplies; and pick-up toys and items used during the day and put them away in their proper places.  We are always available to help if things “get stuck,” are hard, new or frustrating.  Children need countless amounts of encouragement and time if they are to succeed in these areas and your help in allowing them to learn is also needed. 

Spills and accidents occur. We do ask that parents always keep two changes of clothing, including underwear and socks in a Ziploc bag in the child’s backpack. Children are encouraged to wear informal, comfortable clothing that can be easily managed for bathroom needs.   The children have a period of outdoor play every day, weather permitting.  Dressing in layers when the weather is cold helps your child feel more comfortable.  Warm outer clothing and comfortable, supportive shoes are a “MUST”.   Flip-Flops or beach shoes are not appropriate for school and playground play.


SNACK CALENDAR will be emailed and posted on the Information Board.

WEEKLY THEME CALENDARS are posted in the hallway on the Information Board. 

Special events, reminders, and vacation days, will be posted on the Information Board. A weekly email will be emailed with special events and reminders etc.


We ask students to take turns bringing individually wrapped shelf stable snacks to be shared among all students on the assigned day.  Teachers will pass out all snacks, drinks and napkins.  We will provide plastic cups for children to use that will be labeled and sanitized in our dishwasher each evening. 

Ideas for snacks: crackers, cereal. pretzels and goldfish  Please refrain from bringing sugary snacks, as some students do not tolerate or process lots of sugar well. Preschool will provide a fruit and or dairy serving to accompany your dry snack.  This will help cut down on any germ transfer.

Birthday Snack 

We will not do birthday snacks this year.  Instead we will assign each child a “special day” that they can bring a favorite story from home to share with the students.   

FIELD TRIPS – There will be no field trips scheduled for 2020-2021 school year.