#FamilyFriday – Social and Emotional Health Series

Taking Turns (Special Series on Social Emotional Growth) – Part 1

There is a lot of talk and concern right now about our kids’ social and emotional health. I wanted to point out that many of you are already building these skills in your preschoolers. Without adding anything to your “to do” list, I want to explore with you in this 10 part series (from Tiny-K) about how what you are already doing as parents can help kids continue to grow socially and emotionally until we can all get back together again.

The first skill is all about taking turns. I can hear our teachers in my mind saying to our students, “First it’s my turn and now it’s your turn.” We use this language a lot when teaching. We want them to wait and listen to how to make the letter (for example) before they try on their own.

Taking turn talking in conversation is also very important! I’m still working on this with my “big kids”. Taking turn leads to listening while others are talking. This takes lots of practice.

I’ve seen so many of our parents modeling this behavior!

Like mentioned before, you do not have to sit down with the goal of teaching taking turns to your child. It is something that you can incorporate into whatever you already doing. Take turns turning the pages of your favorite story at bedtime. Take turns stacking blocks. As you move through your day, being intentional about using the taking turns language, it will soon become a habit that will pay off big for your kiddos.

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