by Joy Marker

Feel like making smores and going on a camping adventure?  
While we love outside time the idea of starting a camp fire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores in July heat is not always appealing.  But why let weather prevent you from some camping fun?
We love to camp in the living room.  Even my tween still loves making a tent inside the house.  
Grab all the blankets and let your kids help build a fun tent.  The kids love to play, watch movies or even eat a picnic lunch in their tent.  For an added treat we made smores in the oven.  Turn on your broiler, stack a Graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow then toast under the broiler ( keep an eye out depending on heat will only take about 2 mins to get toasty) Top with a second Graham cracker and you’ve got your camping smores ready.
So much learning can happen in creative play.  Building a tent together requires team work, planning, problem solving.  Let your little ones use their imagination.  They can pack for their camping trip, decorate their tent…..depending on the age of your kids they might even want to sleep in the tent.   
What other ways do you bring outside play indoors when it’s hot outside?

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