Teachers are always busy, even in the summer!

During the summer our teachers do take time connecting with family and catching up on other projects at home.  But they also put many hours in for continuous learning.  

From reading books, taking webinars, virtual classes, listening to podcasts, connecting in virtual groups with other educators.  We believe good educators are also continual learners.  And at Green Pastures we are committed to being good learners, and bringing our best to the classroom.
This year not only are we committed to staying current with best practices in Early Childhood Education we are also committed to staying connected with health and safety updates as it relates to Covid – 19.  

At times it may not seem like much is happening.  There are still many unanswered questions about schools next year.  But we want you to know that behind the scenes a lot of work is still being done.  

We are so thankful for the continued efforts of our preschool board to do the hard work and navigate new guidelines.   We are thankful for all the early childhood trainers that have transitioned to providing virtual support and ways to connect with others as we learn together, navigating this season.  We are thankful for platforms like Zoom that allow us to stay connected and communicating regularly as a staff.

We appreciate all our preschool families.  We value your input and feedback as we seek to find the best way to serve our children and families well. 

by Ms. Joy


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