Did you know that Marshmallows are not just for toasting? Kids love to paint with lots of different things. Show them how to paint with old toothbrushes, toy cars, and even cookie cutters. The textures you create will be unique and fun, even for the adults in the room!

My kids have always loved painting with marshmallows. Just make sure you save one or two for tasting while your creations are drying.

If you have something fun that you’ve created with an unusual texture, share below!


Need a simple no cook meal for getting kids active in the kitchen?
How about lunch Kabobs?
This is a fun way to use what you have fruit, veggies, cheeses, meats.  Put out a variety of cut up items and let your kids make their own Kabob lunches.  
For a little added fun you can use a muffin tin to host a variety of items, use smaller size Kabob sticks and spread out the picnic blanket for a fun diy picnic lunch.
Kids love getting to make their own lunch.  They get to choose what goes on their Kabobs.  And without even realizing it they are getting great fine motor skill development.  
What are some other fun things you’ve made with your kids in the kitchen this summer?


If you or someone you know is thinking about attending our preschool this upcoming Fall, please share your thoughts with us. We want to know what your concerns and expectations are as we plan to reopen. Please note that this survey should reflect how you feel TODAY. We will send the second one (2 of 2) closer to the beginning of September. The results will help us plan and delegate resources, implement new procedures and establish plans as well as back up plans.