Masks! #Tuesdaytips

For preschool aged kids, seeing adults wearing a mask can be frightening or uncomfortable. The best way that I have found to help them through this is to expose them to lots of different people wearing masks, let them play with the masks, and letting them see you model good mask wearing habits.

Anyway you can make it fun or introduce it through play is best. It’s mostly the unknown that causes them to worry, so letting them play with the mask lets them explore and become familiar with it, replacing the unknown. Decorate masks, make masks, show them how to use them safely. The more you talk about, the more comfortable they become. 🙂

Ms. Joy came across this fun poster of some our favorite characters wearing masks. It talks about why we wear them too. It’s very age appropriate for preschool and young elementary kids, so we wanted to share it with you.

Hope this help!

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