#TuesdayTips – Too Old to Play?

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.”

– George Bernard Shaw

“Adulting” demands us to carry the weight of responsibility.  We do not always have the luxury of time to play.  Parenting can easily wear us down, zapping our energy or desire to play.  Yet we can not underestimate the value of playing with our kids.

We don’t have to be our kids constant playmate,  we don’t have to ALWAYS play.  But taking time to play and engage with our kids is huge in relationship building.  It’s also good for our own mental health.  It keeps us young.

This summer instead of just being the parent that oversees play, the organizer, maybe try occasionally playing.  Run through the sprinklers with your kids, draw art on the driveway, catch the bubbles your kids blow, get in the blow up pool in the backyard, play play dough.  

Let’s not get too old, forgetting the simple joy in play.  The value it adds to relationship building with your kids can’t be measured.  And my guess is you’ll find yourself a little less stressed when you give yourself permission to play.

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