Meet Ms. Fernanda

We appreciate you, Ms. Fernanda!

Fernanda came to Green Pastures Preschool four years ago. She came here to fill a position previously held by two of the very best in our business. Only Fernanda could have been the one to step in and complete our team. Not only is she an awesome teacher, but her heart is as beautiful as her smile.

Everyone can have a day, but you would never know it of Ms. Fernanda! She brings a positive energy, a willingness to do what she can, and a playful spirit that makes our school what it is today. Her warm, welcoming presence is the first thing you notice if you visit her classroom …and each child leaves knowing their teacher cares for them unconditionally.

She carries her modestly with a grace that is not readily found. She is a wonderful teacher, who has the gift to reach each kiddo that comes her way. She struggles at times finding the confidence to see how gifted she is. (A bonus is that she is a creative game master at indoor recess!)

She goes above and beyond for any kid she meets. Feeding them, being their safe place, and loving them as her own.

Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Ms. Fernanda. We appreciate (and love) you!

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