Meet Ms. Joy

We appreciate you, Miss Joy!

Teacher appreciation week gives me a chance to showcase one of our incredible teachers. Ms. Joy is the guiding force behind Green Pastures Preschool.

This was her sixth year as a teacher at Green Pastures, but she has always been a teacher at heart. She has worked with young kids her whole adult life. Even in the banking world, she was guiding and encouraging those around her. All this experience has helped her become the what I lovingly refer to as the “three year old whisperer”. She does amazing things with your students (Have you ever tried to get preschoolers to line up for the very first time?) while demonstrating genuine love and patience.


What you may not know is that Ms. Joy is constantly cheering on her fellow teachers. She encourages each of us to be better versions of ourselves. She guides us to find new ways to reach our students and address the challenges that they may encounter.

She not only guides students, she guides their families too. We believe that once your are a Green Pastures family, always a Green Pastures family, and Joy truly represents this in human form. She helps organize us to provide for a family (present or past) who may be in need, she opens lines of communication for families who need it, she sends cards and love, she always has those around her in her thoughts and prayers.

These are only a few reasons we appreciate you, Joy! Thank you for being the guiding light that helps us find the best way to serve our students and families. We love you!

One thought on “Meet Ms. Joy

  1. Leslie Dougan says:

    Ms. Joy has had both of my children at preschool. In fact, we chose Green Pastures mostly because Joy had started teaching there the same year my daughter started preschool!

    Joy always does what is in the best interest of the kids, and she meets each and every one of their individual needs, no matter how big or small. She goes above and beyond to help families as well!

    We love you, Ms. Joy!

    The Dougan Family

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