Welcome to our Preschool!

Gree pastures sandbox

Green Pastures Preschool – Come Grow with Us!



2 or 4 day Beginner (Caterpillar) class

4 day Pre-K (Butterfly) Class

Enrichment Programs:


Music has been found to help children learn important language, listening, and social skills.  We use songs, rhymes, stories, and activities everyday to enrich our students’ learning.

Cooking & Nutrition

We get kids in the kitchen.  Our students learn about healthy eating habits and how to choose healthy foods.  Kids are introduced to new recipes during each session and learn that helping to prepare snacks can be fun!


Students get a chance to explore art in new and different mediums, with the focus on the process of the art not the product.


Children learn through play, experimentation and hands on activities.  All of these age appropriate “science experiments” help kids experience some basic concepts.  Melting, dissolving, baking soda and vinegar reactions are just a few ideas we tackle.


At the end of the week, each Thursday, we venture upstairs to the chapel area to hear a story from Pastor Ted.   Stories focus on being kind, a good friend, and showing love to those around us.  You do not have to be a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church to attend chapel or our preschool.  Both are welcoming to all and everyone.

A great place for you and your child to grow. We welcome you to schedule a tour, please contact us at

785-312-7611 or email us at greenpasturespreschool@gmail.com

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